ER605 V2_2.2.2 Build 20231017 Official Firmware (Released on Oct 18th, 2023) (2024)

ER605 V2_2.2.2 Build 20231017 Official Firmware (Released on Oct 18th, 2023)

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Model: ER605 (TL-R605)

Hardware Version: V2

Firmware Version: 2.2.2 Build 20231017 (Official)

ER605 V2 2.2.2 Build 20231017 (Fully adapted to Omada SDN Controller v5.11)

New Features & Enhancements:

1. Add ACL support for IPv6 data.
2. Add support for IPv6 RA (Router Advertisem*nt) configuration for LAN.
3. Add support for configuring multiple IP addresses on the WAN port.
4. Add support for monitoring session limits in controller mode.
5. Add support for configuring the MSS (Maximum Segment Size) of WAN port.
6. Add support for Gateway Tools in Controller mode.

  • Ping.

  • Traceroute.

  • Terminal.

7. Add support for the ability to download device info of Gateway in Controller mode.
8. Add support for Location Group in Gateway ACL.
9. Add support for white list of MAC filtering in Controller mode.
10. Add support for tagging same VLAN ID on different WAN port.
11. Increased security of communication between Gateway and Controller.
12. Add support for DNS cache, which can improve domain name resolution speed by handling recent address resolutions locally before sending request to Internet .
13. Add support for DH 14 and DH 15 for PFS.
14. Add support for IP range of local network when using IPsec IKEv2 for Client-to Site VPN.
15. Add support for DDNS custom intervals (1~60 minutes).
16. Add support for link-local addresses or unique local addresses of IPv6 DNS on the LAN side.
17. Log Enhancements.

  • Show the source IP address of TCP no-Flag /ping of death attacks.

  • Show the log of link backup switching.

  • Show the log of DDNS update.

  • Logs can be saved when the device is down. You need to short-press the reset button within 5s, and after releasing the reset button, the sys light will be on for 3 seconds to indicate that the downtime log is saved successfully.

Bug Fixed:

1. Fix the bug that ICMP type 13 packets cannot be intercepted.
2. Fix the bug that VPN Client cannot access the other side through IPsec when the device act as a PPTP/L2TP/OpenVPN Server and also establishes IPsec VPN with other devices.
3. Fix the bug that VPN client cannot proxy Internet access when VPN IP Pool and LAN IP are in the same network segment.
4. Fix the bug of CPU abnormality caused by enabling more VLAN Interface.
5. Fix the bug of high latency in ISP Load in Controller mode.
6. Fix the bug of frequent reconnection with Omada Controller.
7. Fix the bug that the VLAN configuration of IPTV is affected by the VLAN configuration of WAN port in Controller mode.
8. Fix the bug that the device does not support proxy internet access as Wireguard VPN client.
9. Fix the bug that Port Forwarding does not take effect under multiple WAN ports.
10. Fix the bug that new clients might lose Internet when bandwidth control is configured.
11. Fix the bug that Internet/DNS resolving might not work when using OpenVPN Connect App/Software to connect to the Router’s OpenVPN Server.
12. Fix the bug that the device as an OpenVPN client failed to make all the Internet traffic be routed through the VPN tunnel.
13. Fix the bug that remote IP error displayed in the OpenVPN Tunnel interface when the device connects successfully as an OpenVPN Client.
14. Fix the bug that after the device connects to the Server as a WireGuard VPN Client, the peer cannot access the device via WireGuard Interface IP.

  • Direct Download:

ER605(UN)_V2_2.2.2 Build 20231017 Full Release Note >


  • The firmware is applied to ER605 V2/2.6
  • Your device’s configuration won’t be lost after upgrading.
  • Before the upgrade, please make sure you have enabled HTTPS(443).

ER605 V2_2.2.2 Build 20231017 Official Firmware (Released on Oct 18th, 2023) (1)

  • Download From TP-Link Global "EN" Website:

ER605(UN) V2_2.2.0 Build 20231017:

> Notes<

(1)The official firmware is normally released to the Cloud ahead of the official website or the forum as it doesn't require further manual editing.Generally speaking, the official firmware will be pushed to the Cloud first, then the TP-Link global "EN" website, this global "EN" forum, and later the TP-Link local websites.In rare occasions, the new releasewill be published to the global "EN" website ahead of the Cloud, which will be announced in the global "EN" forum, likethis.

(2) The firmware upgrades for thewired productsincluding OmadaController, Router and Switch are universal, so you can download the firmware files fromthe global "EN" website or thisforumto enjoy the new release. Forwireless productssuch as Omada EAP,due to the limitation of local wireless laws and regulations, the firmware may be divided into different versions such as EU/US/CA/... , it's suggested to upgrade firmware from the local TP-Link official website accordingly.

(3) At present, only the new firmware release for the OmadaController and Router will be continuouslyupdated inthisglobal "EN"forum.To get notified with the new release ofOmadaSDNController, welcome to subscribe toTopic245226.To get notified with the new release ofOmada Routers, welcome to subscribe toTopic255644.For other product lines, please check for updates via theCloud or from theTP-Link officialwebsites.

Any further feedbackon the new firmware, please feel free to start a new thread fromHERE.

Toget better assistance, you may checkTips For Efficiently Reporting an Issue In The Community.

When reporting an issue, especially it's about firmware upgrade, it's suggested to include the following info:

--Management mode(Controller or Standalone)

--Device Model(s) and Hardware

--Device Firmware(previous and current)

Thank you in advance for your great cooperation and support. See you in the forums soon!

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ER605 V2_2.2.2 Build 20231017 Official Firmware (Released on Oct 18th, 2023) (2024)


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